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Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods on-line

The use of the National Museum's on-line sales facility involves ordering, payment and delivery of the products offered via the website.  The Supplier is the cultural and scientific institution known as the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Purchaser is any legally competent adult who selects at least one product on offer on the website, completes the on-line order form and submits it to the Supplier.  By placing an offer the Purchaser accepts the general terms and conditions set out below.  All products listed on the Supplier's website are available for sale, and are delivered by DHL world-wide.

General terms and conditions:

Payment may be made:

  • by bank transfer or payment order (at the post office, bank or internet banking)
  • PayPal

All on-line transactions are carried out using PayPal.

Data protection

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not store the information on your credit or debit card.

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina uses the data on the on-line order form exclusively for the purpose of DHL delivery.


The purchaser has the right to return the goods to the supplier if:

  • the goods delivered are not those ordered,
  • the goods delivered are faulty or were damaged in transit.

All products are examined in detail before delivery and are despatched in good condition.  They are packed with care to ensure that they reach you undamaged. You have the right to claim return (within 5 days) if the goods received are not those specified in the order or were damaged in transit. Goods are returned using DHL.  Contact DHL in your country in order to return the goods.


Customs clearance of imported shipments depends on the local regulations of the recipient country.

All expenses of the import customs clearance and customs duties, if exist, are paid by the recipient of the shipment.