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Replica of the big seal obverse from the Royal Charter of King Tomaš, issued on 3.9.1444. The seal field of the obverse is filled with the image of the king on the throne with all the insignia of the royal authority. The throne has heraldic shields held by angels on both sides. Heraldic shields contain lilac's crown and under the royal legs are lions. At the edge of the seal the inscription goes: „S(igillum) Maius Stephi Ostoie Dei gra(tia) Rascie, Bossne, Maritimarumque p(a)rcium, Usore, Inferiorum p(ar)cium, Terre Holm, Regis et D(omi)ni(s).

Replica of the seal from the Royal Charter of King Tvrtko II, issued on 2.3.1433The seal field contains an inscription, seal symbol and ornament. The legend is placed in a decorative ribbon that runs along the edge of the seal. The ribbon is surrounded by two concentric circles. The text of the inscription is written in Latin using Gothic uncial and reads: "+ ∙ S ∙ TVRTCONIS: DEI.GRACIA: REX.BOSNE: R." The seal symbol is a complete coat of arms consisting of shield, helmet, veil, crown and plume. On the rounded shield is a heraldic symbol - a lily crown, and underneath it a large letter T. The ornament consists of an eight-arched frame in which the interior is decorated with a sealed symbol and decorations of twisting, thin floral elements. 

11.5 x 6 cm