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A visiting lecture by dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz, named Making Cities: Early Urbanism in Celtic Europe held at National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Within marking the 130th anniversary of National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Department of Archaeology, on Tuesday 10th of July 2018, has organized a visiting lecture held by the respected dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz from University of Edinburgh. The lecture about the early urbanism in Central and Western Europe has attracted a large number of visitors, especially archaeology students from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.

„It is quite rare in archaeology, especially nowadays, that you have people who have gained international recognition, that is why this is a remarkable opportunity for us to host a professor that is truly well-known throughout Europe“ stated the Director of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina dr. Mirsad Sijarić emphasizing that the lecture is really a treat for all archaeologists, as well as other citizens interested in archaeology, history and cultural heritage. Professor Fernández – Götz gave an overview about the development and organization of cities in the period from 7th until the 1st century BC by analyzing noted archaeological sites from Central and Western Europe like Mont Lassois, Manching, Heuneburg and others. During the lecture he has pointed out the decisive natural and social phenomenons that influence the process of urbanization concluding with a thesis that the mentioned process is not linear.

Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz expressed his gratitude to his collages from the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina especially to the Director dr. Mirsad Sijarić and dr. Andrijana Pravidur for the hospitality and the opportunity to held this lecture for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives of the Commission to preserve national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Faculty of Philosophy from Zagreb, Croatia have attended the lecture.

Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz was written over 150 publications on Iron Age societies in Central and Western Europe, archaeology of identities and the archaeology of Roman conquests. In his doctoral thesis Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz analyzed the evolution of Iron Age communities in northeast Gaul with a special emphasis on the questions regarding social identity. He has participated in multiple archaeological projects in Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.