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Presentation of the project funded by the Embassy of Ireland

Simbolically, on St. Patrick's day, the patron saint of Ireland, the unveiling took place of objects of a La Tène provenance that were conserved with the support of the Embassy of Ireland. This event took place in the presence of Minister of State Andrew Doyle T. D.  and Ambassador Myles Geiran.

During July 2018 we started a project funded by the Embassy of Ireland. The aim of this project was the conservation of metal objects of La Tène provenance, which were selected for display within the new permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory. A total of 21 objects, including weaponry, jewellery and coins originating from different sites (Donja Dolina near Bosanska Gradiška, Dvorovi near Bijeljina, Vrućica near Teslić, Vrankamen near Krupa and Kamenjača in Breza) were treated. The selected objects made of iron, bronze and silver are specific elements of La Tène culture, significant for the Late Iron Age period, and they were probably imported into territorry of the modern Bosnia and Herzegovina. These important objects are unique examples, for which conservation was essential in order to preserve them and to prepare for the permanent exhibition.

Through this project, Embassy Ireland directly assisted in the realization of the permanent exhibition, for which we are sincerely thankful.