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Opening of the permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory

Bosnia and Herzegovina in prehistoric times, a permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, opens its doors to the public for the first time since 1992 on October 20, 2021. In October 1913, the new buildings of the Museum were officially opened, and with them the first permanent exhibition of the prehistoric exhibition.

This permanent exhibition, the fourth in a row, through a selection of the most representative archaeological artifacts and a modern museological approach, in accordance with new scientific knowledge depicts the development of material and spiritual culture of people from today's Bosnia and Herzegovina during the prehistoric period.

From one of the largest and oldest prehistoric collections in this part of Europe, which has more than 100,000 items, about 3,000 archeological finds have been singled out, which provide a chronological insight into the development and sequence of cultures of prehistoric periods through specially emphasized thematic units.

The earliest traces of modern human activity in this area during the Stone Age (Paleolithic) are documented by various forms of stone and bone tools and weapons. Changes in the organization of economic and social life that followed the Late Stone Age (Neolithic) were reflected in the material remains of cultures characterized by the production of ceramic pottery as well as new techniques in the manufacture of stone products.

The Copper Age (Eneolithic) is characterized by the use of metal, ie copper, which increasingly replaced bone and stone in the manufacture of tools and weapons. During the Bronze and Iron Ages, the use of various bronze and iron products had far-reaching consequences for the further development of human communities characterized by new forms of material and spiritual culture, the development of mining and metallurgy, and increasing social differentiation.

Following the traces of material culture, the exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in prehistoric times illustrates the daily life of scientifically identified prehistoric communities - from housing culture, economic activities to beliefs and art, reconstructing relations within themselves as well as connections with other communities. This exhibition emphasizes general cultural achievements, development of trade and technology, social contacts, exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas, the whole dynamics of life of a space that was intensively involved during the long period of prehistory, or in some aspects even shaped, social and cultural currents of the known world.

The exhibited material is accompanied by appropriate texts, drawings and photographs, as well as reconstructions of prehistoric houses, ceramic and metallurgical workshops and processes according to authentic archeological data, which aim to make it easier for visitors to understand the purpose, use and meaning of individual objects in various prehistoric periods.

In addition to the curator of the Department of Prehistory and experts from the Department for Conservation of ZMBiH, numerous other archaeologists, restorers, conservators, architects and designers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad participated in the creation of the permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in prehistoric times.

The exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistoric Times closes the circle of post-war renovation of the permanent exhibition spaces of the Department of Archeology of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Illuminating the issues of genesis, development, social, artistic and general social relations in prehistoric times, this exhibition, together with the exhibitions Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ancient Times and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Middle Ages, forms the most important, scientifically shaped and rounded whole that explains shaping cultural identity of people from the area of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exhibition was realized with the help of the embassies of the USA, Sweden and Ireland, UNESCO BiH, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of KS, BH Post and other friends of the Museum. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistoric Times, a press conference will be organized on October 20, 2021 at 10 am in the premises of ZMBiH.

The grand opening is planned at 19:00 only for invitees: government representatives, embassies, colleagues and professional associates. After the opening, on the 21st of October the National Museum of BiH will offer its audience free dates for a tour of this permanent exhibition. More information on this will be published in the coming days. Thank you for understanding!