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MuseumWeek in the National Museum of BH: #WomenMW

Monday, the first day of the #MuseumWeek, is dedicated to well-known women from arts, science and culture, but also to those less known or unknown women who, through their every-day activities, shape the world around us.

Nada Miletić (1925-2002), art historian and archaeologist, spent her entire professional life in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she researched history of the medieval art and archaeology of the Middle Ages.

For her contribution to science and culture she was decorated in 1973 and 1989.

Nada Miletić set the foundations of the archaeology of Migration Period and Early Slav Period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and brought the Museum collections related to these periods from modest beginnings to the ones richest and most important in the country and region. Parallel with this, she also researched the history of medieval art, with focus on frescoes, art in metal, especially medieval jewellery. Very important was her work on exploring art and phenomenon of medieval tombstones stećci, which in 2016 were put on the UNESCO List of World Heritage.