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The Charter of Bosnian Ban Kulin

Throughout the years, no document from the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina has attracted so much attention in the scientific world and admiration among local people as the Charter of Bosnian Ban Kulin. The charter issued by Ban Kulin on 29 August 1189 represents a prime source for the study of the history of Bosnian state and language. It is an unquestionable proof on the existence of a Bosnian state, a clerical office and a sovereign ruler in the 12th century. 

It testifies the very good connections with Dubovnik and the developed trade between Bosnia and Dubrovnik. The Charter is written in Cyrillic and Latin script, in Old Slavic and Latin, and therefore it is an inexhaustible source for the study of scripts and languages.

Three copies of the Charter are known to exist. The one for which historians believe is the original is kept in the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while the other two are archived in the Dubrovnik.