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Fossil snake – Mesophis nopcsai Bolkay

  • natural sciences, geology, fossil, snake, mesophis


Fossil remains of this snake were found in Selište near Bileća in late Cretaceous marl rock formed by sedimentation in marine conditions about 90 million years ago. Fossil snakes are a rare find, which makes each one important for the study of the development of snakes. The oldest remains found date back to the Early Cretaceous Period (around 140 million years ago). It is thought that they evolved from a group of lizards from the order Squamata, to which snakes themselves belong, but it is as yet unclear which group in particular – the aquatic Mosasauridae or some terrestrial form.

Object type:

The fossil snake is part of the palaeontology Vertebrates collection. It is kept in storage in the Geology Section of the Natural Sciences Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • natural sciences, geology, fossil, snake, mesophis