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Botany Section

Systematic collection of the Botany Section, the Herbarium of Bosnia and Herzegovina was started in 1890 and is based on the Engler system. It is registered in the Index Herbariorum, the global directory of herbaria, designated by the abbreviation SARA. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Collection contains 55,000 folios, the general collection about 60,000, the Otto Blau Collections 2,503, the Erich Brandis Collections 13,013, and the Type Specimen Collection 385 folios. 

The Botanic Garden – the exhibition of the Botany Section – covers an area measuring 14,270 square metres. It comprises 12 scientific and exhibitory collections.

Ermana Lagumdžija
Flowering plants biologist
Senior curator
Berina Bečić
Senior curator
Anis Hasanbegović
Flowering plants biologist
Kemal Pervan
Senior gardener
Safeta Hodžić
Assistant gardener
Edina Djana
Natural sciences, mushrooms, morel, Morchella esculenta

Common morel — Morchella esculenta Pers.

The common morel grows from early spring to early summer, most commonly next to aspen trees (Populus tremula). It is also often found among the charred remains of buildings. Its cap is hollow and conical with indentations, while the stalk, also hollow, is white.

natural sciences, botany, herbarium, endem, heliosperma

Heliosperma retzdorffianum K. Malý; Syn. Silene retzdorffiana (K. Malý) Walters

Silene retzdorffiana (K. Malý) Walters, in the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), was named after Willy Retzdorff, treasurer of the Botanical Association of Brandenburg, who discovered it on 26 May 1903 near the confluence of the rivers Doljanka and Neretva, near the town of Jablanica.

Odjeljenje za prirodne nauke, botanika, endemi, Hermanov usljivac, Pedicularis hoermanniana K. Maly

Pedicularis hoermanniana K. Malý

This is a perennial plant from the figwort family (Scrophulariaceae).