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Heliosperma retzdorffianum K. Malý; Syn. Silene retzdorffiana (K. Malý) Walters

  • natural sciences, botany, herbarium, endem, heliosperma


Silene retzdorffiana (K. Malý) Walters, in the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), was named after Willy Retzdorff, treasurer of the Botanical Association of Brandenburg, who discovered it on 26 May 1903 near the confluence of the rivers Doljanka and Neretva, near the town of Jablanica. He handed over the material for determination to Karlo Malý, who visited the site and determined that it was a new species. Malý named the species after the discoverer: Heliosperma (Silene) retzdorffianum K. Malý (1903).

It can be found in the canyons of the Rakitnica and the Neretva, the gorge of Ledenica, and the mountains Čvrsnica and Plasa. The elevations of its habitats range from 200 metres to 1500 metres above sea level. It is a typical representative of the endemo-relict phytocoenosis (plant community) Heliospermo retzdorffiani–Oreoherzogietum illyricae Šilić.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists it as an endangered or vulnerable species.

The specimen is part of the Herbarium, a collection of dried plants systematically arranged, located in the Botany Section of the Natural Sciences Department. It may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • natural sciences, botany, herbarium, endem, heliosperma