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Common morel — Morchella esculenta Pers.

  • Natural sciences, mushrooms, morel, Morchella esculenta


The common morel grows from early spring to early summer, most commonly next to aspen trees (Populus tremula). It is also often found among the charred remains of buildings. Its cap is hollow and conical with indentations, while the stalk, also hollow, is white.

Like all mushrooms from the Morchellaceae family, it is slightly poisonous when raw. The toxicity disappears after smoking or some other type of thermal processing.

This morel is a delicacy of the first order. Each year, large quantities of morels are harvested and exported. Unfortunately, the common morel is very rarely seen for sale in our markets or shopping centres.

The common morel can be seen in the Macrofungi exhibition in the Natural Sciences Pavilion.
  • Natural sciences, mushrooms, morel, Morchella esculenta