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Whitehaft yatagan

  • Odjeljenje za etnologiju, oružje, jatagan bjelosapac


The yatagan (curved dagger) was not only a weapon carried by men every time they left the house, but also a status symbol that testified to its owner's maturity, virility, and wealth.

This particular dagger is made of steel, with a strong blade and a deep fuller. The blade is flat and engraved on both sides with Arabic inscriptions. Along the back of the blade there is an irregular, triangular ornament with a metal rosette and an almond-shaped coral ornament. The tang to which the grips are attached is very wide, and it is ornamented with two metal rosettes and 13 round corals. The grips are finely wrought at the front, to make it easier to hold.

This type of yatagan, with grips made of ivory, was popularly known as a bjelosapac, which translates to whitehaft.


Materials and technique:

This item is kept in storage in the Ethnology Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • Odjeljenje za etnologiju, oružje, jatagan bjelosapac