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Saddle bucket

  • Odjeljenje za etnologiju, posuda za vodu, bucat


The saddle bucket used to be part of the rural household inventory. It was made by coopers, who, up until the mid-20th century, provided country households with vessels for the transport and preservation of water, milk, wine, and other liquids. 

This particular artefact is a small vessel with an elliptical bottom and fixed elliptical head, made of 16 staves (wooden slats). The vessel flares slightly towards the bottom. One of the staves is longer than the rest, and is fashioned into a handle with two rings that were used to mount the bucket to the saddle. The head has two bungholes, one of which serves for filling, the other for drinking.

Materials and technique:

This item is kept in storage in the Ethnology Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • Odjeljenje za etnologiju, posuda za vodu, bucat