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Bracelet of the Donja Dolina type

  • arheologija prahistorija narukvica


This bronze bracelet of the Donja Dolina type is open-ended, with two types of transverse ribs: one type is adorned with three buttons each, the other type is plain.

It is part of the Early La Tène woman’s attire, and was worn along with fibulae (brooches) of the Karaburma 63 type, notable for its backwards-bending foot decorated with a ball, and pendants attached to the the spring. Based on the number and stylistic variety of complete specimens and bracelet fragments, it is assumed that they were made in a workshop in Donja Dolina, and the type was named after the locality.

Donja Dolina is the southernmost site where such bracelets were found, and it was from there that they spread to the territory of the Eastern Celts – Scordisci. The only grave assemblage where such bracelets were found is also located in Donja Dolina. Given the small diameter, this specimen probably belonged to a little girl.

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The artefact is kept in storage in the Archaeology Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • arheologija prahistorija narukvica