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Prehistory Section

The collection comprises over 70,000 inventory units, that is, archaeological artefacts made of ceramic, flint, stone, bone, metal, and glass. It covers the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Aeneolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, and the artefacts come from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The refurbishment of the wing of the pavilion that will house the permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory is slated for 2016.

Andrijana Pravidur, DSc
Archaeologist specializing in Iron Age Bosnia and Herzegovina, Research associate
Ana Marić
Deputy Director
Archaeologist numismatist, Senior Curator
Archaeology department, Prehistory, money– meens of payment, late Republic period, 79. BC., Mala Gradina near Čapljina, Herzegovina

Silver Coin - Denarius serratus

Silver coin in the denomination of denarius. The obverse bears a representation of Juno Sospito’shead turned to the right carrying a goat’s skin, and on the left there is a symbol (a ring?).

arheologija prahistorija lonac

Butmir culture pot

The most significant Late Neolithic cultural phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina was named after its type-site (the site considered representative of a particular culture), Butmir near Sarajevo.

arheologija prahistorija figura glave

Human head figurine from Butmir

Figural sculpture is an especially notable characteristic of the Butmir culture. Most of these finds of human – or rarely, animal – figurines are from the Butmir findspot.

arheologija prahistorija figurina

Figurine of a woman

Most human figurines from Butmir are female and have prominent sexual characteristics. Some items feature carved lines and punctures highlighting clothing details – dress, shoulder straps, necklaces, etc.

arheologija prahistorija mač

Bronze short-sword

The Late Bronze Age cache from Veliki Mošunj near Vitez, discovered in 1913, contains exclusive and diverse artefacts, decorative in purpose.