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Vessel with theatrical mask motif

  • arheologija antika posuda


The artefact was brought to the National Museum in fragments, as an accidental find, and was reconstructed to its present shape. It is made out of fine purified clay, its walls are thin, and it is partially damaged near the lip. There are three reliefs depicting theatrical masks, one on each of three sides. 

Various objects with the theatrical mask motif have been found in other parts of the country as well, which proves that theatre plays were staged, in improvised conditions, in this part of the world during antiquity.

Cultural events of this kind were organised since ancient Greek times. This is just one custom among many adopted by the Romans and spread by them to newly conquered areas.

Materials and technique:

Object type:

This artefact can be seen in the Archaeology Pavilion in the permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Classical Antiquity.
  • arheologija antika posuda